August 2018 Hobby Progress – Starting JSA

So, I bought into JSA at Adepticon 2018 and finally got around to assembling them.I took a quick detour to finish up a second Ghulam ML, kitbashed out of a Red Veil Ghulam and the ML arms from the Govad. With only a little filing and greenstuffing, I was there.Looks pretty good next to the original sculpt. I really like the pose too.I’ve also finally finished a second Alguacil ML, for maximum trolling.Adam sold out of his JSA, so he gave me his O-Yoroi pilot conversion of a Ryuken-9 SMG, which looks amazing.I had a whole weekend of more or less uninterrupted assembly times, I just kept trucking along.Eventually I finished the JSA starter box, the Domaru box, the Tanko Box, the Red Veil Ninja, and the Keisotsu box. Adam eventually sold me his JSA support box too, so I put that together as well.I’m going to be playing my JSA in the upcoming painting league that I’m running, so I tried out a very.. McDonalds paint scheme.I hated it, so I tried again. This time it’s better but it still doesn’t click…We’ll see how it goes as I continue painting and trying new schemes. Thanks for reading this brief update!


I primarily play Infinity and Heavy Gear nowadays, but I dabble in plenty of other game systems.

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