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Szally Forth

Here’s another Rose City Raid 2022 prep game with Erik (Zelaponeepus). He asked to practice on another one of my non-space station tables, and we’re playing Rescue as it’s a tournament mission. Sadly, this means this report is not a Durgama Takeover narrative-appropriate game. Ah well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more narrative games in, but tournament prep has priority in our local meta at the moment. Maybe we can sneak in some games during tournament setup downtime! Here’s the Durgama version:

Here’s the table we’ll be playing on. I call it the “Gate Table.” I haven’t played on the Gate Table a whole lot, but I really enjoy it. My various Ariadna tables explore different mechanics:

  • Airplane Crash – Low Vis/Saturation Zones
  • Mt. Doom – Big elevation changes and strong flanks
  • Gate Table – Movement blocking is not the same as Line of Fire blocking

There are a bunch of chain link fences and minefields on the table. The minefields are difficult terrain, so you have to stop when you touch them. If you enter them, you essentially get hit by a normal shock mine. You can dodge to avoid it, and if you don’t, you take a DAM 13 hit. The chain link fences only block movement, not line of fire. The fences are not saturation zones, but the woods templates are Low Vis/Saturation Zones as on the airplane crash table. You do get cover in base contact as normal though to avoid breaking N4 rules.

One fun little addition is that TAGs can just move through (and destroy, I have broken fence pieces) the fences, and all other units can expend a short skill in base contact to “cut the fence.” It’s just like running by a console and touching it midway through movement, so it’s just a slight order tax.


  • Mission: Rescue
  • Forces: Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska versus Combined Army (300)
  • Deploy First: Combined Army
  • First Turn: Combined Army

I did a bunch of narrative stuff for Phase II of the campaign that involved a Tunguskan ship showing up…

so I’m playing Tunguska now. I built two lists, to cover the 5 RCR missions: Biotechvore, Capture and Protect, Countermeasures, Decapitation, and Rescue. This list is intended to cover Capture and Protect and Rescue. One other constraint that I had was that I had to have a Szalamandra in both lists, just to challenge myself and because the model is dope.

Just a reminder that there’s still time to submit reports in WarConsole to get the Durgama Defense Coalition patches. You’ll have to submit all your reports via a Google form, which goes live at the end of the campaign.

Having the Szalamandra meant that it was going to be difficult to do anything but a Limited Insertion list. I wanted a bunch of tools to get across the table, as well as trying to maximize orders available to me, so I built a mixed Securitate link. Interventor for White Noise, Perseus for smoke, Grenzer FO for NCO, Grenzer MSR to kill things, and then a Securitate Paramedic as an additional specialist and to have some redundancy.

Rescue, Capture and Protect

INTERVENTOR (Lieutenant, Hacker, Hacking Device Plus) Combi Rifle ( ) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0.5 | 24)
SECURITATE (Paramedic) Combi Rifle ( | MediKit) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 15)
PERSEUS FTO Breaker Combi Rifle(+1 Dam), Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Heavy Pistol(+1B), DA CC Weapon. (0 | 32)
GRENZER (Forward Observer, Sensor, NCO) Combi Rifle, Light Flamethrower(+1B), Flash Pulse / Pistol, Breaker Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 29)
GRENZER (Marksmanship) MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Breaker Pistol, CC Weapon. (1.5 | 35)

SZALAMANDRA Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Cannon, Heavy Flamethrower / CC Weapon. (2 | 72)
SZALAMANDRA PILOT Contender(+1B) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 0)
FIDDLER (Climbing Plus) Drop Bears, D-Charges, Contender(+1B) / Breaker Pistol, PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 35)
JACKBOT Vulkan Shotgun / . (0 | 7)
ZONDBOT PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 3)
LUNOKHOD Heavy Shotgun, Akrylat-Kanone, D-Charges, Crazykoala / PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 25)
ZONDNAUT (Hacker, Hacking Device) Combi Rifle ( ) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0.5 | 26)
ZONDMATE Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenade Launcher / PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 5)
WARCOR (360º Visor) Flash Pulse ( ) / Stun Pistol, PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 3)

9 2 1 4.5 SWC | 299 Points | Open in Infinity Army

Then there was the Szalamandra of course, and to keep it running Fiddler with one Jackbot and a Zondbot. For defense, a Lunokhod, and for offense, smoke, and general toolbox a Zondnautica hacker. I can’t recommend the Zondnautica enough, it’s just so good. It’s an 8-4 specialist that comes with a throwaway chain rifle to get you there, or smoke if you want to play passively. Just so many tools, and a backup hacking ARO through the Lunokhod’s repeater.

I was really scraping for points at the end, so I rounded out the list with a single Warcor, intending to just spend a command token to flip the irregular order every turn. Erik’s iterating on his RCR lists with vanilla Combined, and this is what he brought to the table:

RCR4 CM/R/C&P v3
GROUP 1 10

ÍMETRON . (0 | 4)
IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) Light Flamethrower(+1B), Flash Pulse / Pistol, PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 9)
IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) Light Flamethrower(+1B), Flash Pulse / Pistol, PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 9)
MENTOR (Hacker, Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun ( ) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0.5 | 28)
RASYAT Spitfire, D-Charges, Eclipse Grenades / Heavy Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (1.5 | 37)
SHESKIIN (Lieutenant) Red Fury, Pulzar, D-Charges / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (1 | 54)
SPECULO KILLER Boarding Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CC Weapon. (1 | 32)
ARMAND (Multispectral Visor L1) MULTI Sniper Rifle, Nanopulser ( ) / Breaker Pistol(+1B), Shock CC Weapon. (1.5 | 39)
AÏDA SWANSON (Minelayer) Submachine Gun(+1B), Viral Mines / Viral Pistol, Shock CC Weapon. (0.5 | 23)
SHROUDED (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, Flash Pulse, Shock Mines / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 23)

GROUP 2 2 2 2

MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges ( | GizmoKit, MediKit) / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 22)
SLAVE DRONE PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 3)
SLAVE DRONE PARA CC Weapon(-3). (0 | 3)
ÍMETRON . (0 | 4)
TAIGHA Chain-colt / AP + Shock CC Weapon. (0 | 5)
TAIGHA Chain-colt / AP + Shock CC Weapon. (0 | 5)

6 SWC | 300 Points | Open in Infinity Army

The list is a bit of a grab bag of useful tools. It’s got a camo hacker in the Mentor for defending things, a Rasyat and Sheskiin for attacking things, and the usual suspects in a Combined List (Dr Worm, Imetron, Ikadron). For objective grabbing in Capture and Protect and Rescue there’s a Speculo and Shrouded, and then Aida and Le Meut offer an additional layer of attack/defense. Rounding out the list are a pair of Taigha.


I won the rolloff and elected to take deployment, with Erik choosing to go first. This was a bit dangerous with Taigha on the table and with me playing a Limited Insertion list. I could be looking at some serious damage on the first turn. The table itself is sort of divided into two sections by the fence, although you can create gaps for yourself to move through if you want. Erik elected to deploy very strongly on the right side, with Aida protecting the three Civilians on the right with herself and a mine. Le Muet was on a tall sniper tower behind Aida, prone, with the Mentor nearby feinting a mine.

The Combined Army starter pack of 2x Ikadron, 2x Imetron were hanging out near the back table edge, with the Taigha and Dr Worm butting up against the front of Erik’s deployment zone. A Shrouded rounded things out on the left, in the forest, all by itself, and Sheskiin lurked behind Le Muet, ready to advance forward.

I knew that I had to keep my head down with Le Muet on the table. I briefly considered leaving the Grenzer MSR out to fight him, but decided that was a mistake. I’d be on 14’s and Le Muet on 13’s. The odds are entirely too even, so this was a recipe for losing the Grenzer.

42.83 25.20 32.96

I opted for a strong left, mostly because that was the most reasonable place to put my link. I had chosen this table side because there was a reasonable spot on the right and in the middle to hide the Szalamandra. Also there a wall shielding two of my Civilians, more or less. I decided to put the Szalamandra in the middle, so I created a spot for it with the Zondbot nearby. The Lunkhod was also reasonably easy to deploy, putting it covering the left two Civilians with its repeater and the middle two with its Koala. There was a fun little platform behind a tower bit of terrain, which let me put the Warcor down to cover my entire deployment zone and parts of the flank while remaining hidden from Erik’s side of the table. Pretty pleased with that, honestly.

The Zondnautica went all the way on the right–I figured I’d just leave it there till I needed it, and having an 8-4 movement model in the forest region by itself seemed pretty okay. I wasn’t really respecting the Rasyat fully, had I really been careful I should’ve deployed dismounted with the chain rifle facing backwards. Fiddler and her Jackbot were deployed nearby as well on either side of the fence. I figured that they could advance as a team and problem solve on either side of the fence as necessary.

Then it was a matter of setting up my link. I really didn’t like my options there, it’s a pretty weak link formation, but I made do. In any case, the important part here is that the Grenzer FO is watching the corner with a flamethrower and the MSR is covering a pretty wide section of forest, including my Civilians. What I didn’t cover adequately was the single Civilian that ended up on a catwalk. Erik deployed his Speculo right there. I’d get a single hack off with the Lunokhod’s repeater, but that’s it. Ah well. My reserve was the TAG in the middle, as planned.

The key thing to take away from my deployment is that I can see the middle of the table, but not Erik’s deployment zone. This lets me fight models he advances and punish over-extension but keeps me safe from bullies like Le Muet. This is a technique that I learned from Erik, and I think it’s the right call in most situations, especially against shooty armies.

Turn 1

Top of 1 – Combined Army

I docked Erik two orders in group two. My objective was survival. I think he forgot about the Mentors having Counterintelligence, but I couldn’t remind him because I didn’t know he had one! Camo’s funny in that way. In any case, it wasn’t a significant issue. Both Taighas advanced under their own power, one threatening my link and the other hiding near some of Erik’s Civilians. The Speculo then grabbed the Civilian it was standing next to and ran all the way back to Erik’s deployment zone.

Great start to the turn for Erik. Now I really have to dig that Speculo out and probably also get a Civilian to my deployment zone. He had a few more orders so he pushed his Shrouded forward…

and coordinated a mine drop with Aida, recamoing the Shrouded afterwards.

Bottom of 1 – Tunguska

My objectives for this turn were to grab my own Civilian and see about removing the Taigha as a threat. Once they’re gone, all I really have to worry about is Sheskiin. I don’t actually have a very good read on the points or SWC of Erik’s list at the moment, so I have to honor the Noctifer. I figure Fiddler dodges pretty well, and if the Noctifer shows up I can just blast it with the Grenzer, so I send her in.

One of the most awesome things about Fiddler is that apparently you can activate her, the Jackbot, and a Zondbot all in the same order. I decide to advance all three and use the Zondbot to clear all of Aida’s mines, then use the Jackbot to kill Aida. Then Fiddler can safely walk away with a Civilian. One thing that I was unsure of how to handle was the Taigha–I figured I’d just hit it with the Jackbot if I really needed. As it turned out, it dodged into a position to threaten Fiddler, so I spent my NCO order on the Grenzer FO and dropped the Taigha.

I throw the Zondot under the bus and clear the mines, although Aida drops another one.

No matter. I clear it with the Jackbot and take Aida out with a shotgun to the face as she dodges.

Fiddler scoots in and grabs a Civilian. I’m using the Dogfinity dog tokens for extra cuteness factor.

A few orders later and I’ve got Fiddler to safety. I suppose I could have tried to grab a second Civilian but I honestly wasn’t thinking about it. That’s room for improvement there.

I’ve got two orders left, so I decide to send the Lunokhod in to take out the remaining Taigha.

Turn 2

Top of 2 – Combined Army

I lose the Lunokhod immediately to Le Muet, who stands up, shoots it, then goes prone with another order, taking out my Koala in the process.

Two orders to take out a Lunokhod and a Koala. That’s not particularly efficient for Erik but it is helpful to him. He spends the rest of his turn trying to develop Sheskiin and make a run on a Civilian with her. Unfortunately for him, my Grenzer FO crits her and does a wound, so she retreats and goes into suppression in the forest. With his two orders in the second pool, he picks the Taigha back up.

Bottom of 2 – Tunguska

Okay, I think I have a shot on my classified this turn, and in talking through Le Muet’s lines of fire, I have a shot on him if I can get to the top of the landing pad thing that I started my link team next to. I also have a shot on Sheskiin from the catwalk system there, so I decide to advance the link and take care of Le Muet, Sheskiin, and my classified. I won’t be grabbing a Civilian this turn, but I’ll have removed two major threats, gotten points, and developed my link. I figure this is a reasonable tradeoff, especially because I can just grab a Civilian with my Interventor and use my Lt order to get it home on Turn 3 if necessary. So far I haven’t had to use the TAG, but it’s there if i need it.

I start off by engaging the Taigha with the Grenzer FO on my NCO order. I beat the dodge, but the Taigha passes ARM. There isn’t a better place for it to be, so it just goes prone.

The Securitate Paramedic and Grenzer FO put themselves at risk and climb up into the open, trying to bait out the Noctifier. It doesn’t show up, so I think I can safely assume it doesn’t at this point, unless Erik is really playing mind games with me. He’s doing the Noctifier dance, which is to constantly check lines of fire and ask who the link team leader is, but as I write this I think it was really just him trying to see if Le Muet could see any of this. Because that would be a really rude thing to do–put the Noctifier next to Le Muet! He’s done similar things with a Cutter and a Swiss Guard ML in PanO, so I know to respect it here.

The Grenzer MSR vaporizes the troublesome Taigha, and then everyone makes it up to the top of the landing pad. After some careful moving, my Grenzer MSR appears in cover. In the active turn, the burst differential makes a huge difference:

67.54 18.78 13.68

Le Muet takes a wound and fails guts to safety. This opens the Grenzer FO to snag HVT Identity Check on a crazy -6 WIP! I rolled a 3, which was great.

I then shuffle the Grenzer MSR forward to take on Sheskiin, but Erik informs me that both Ikadron can see my approach. No matter, the Grenzer MSR downs both of them.

I finally reach the line of fire where I can see Sheskiin in suppression and delete her.

After retreating the link to safety, I’ve got two orders left–the warcor’s and the TAG’s tac aware. I burn a command token to throw up White Noise with the Interventor and then take Le Muet out with the Szalamandra. Now that Le Muet’s Mimetism -6 is gone, this is pretty straightforward.

Turn 3

Top of 3 – Combined Army

Ordinarily Erik would be in loss of lieutenant, but RCR is playing with the no LoL rule, so we practiced with that. With his order pool intact, Erik decides to go for another Civilian with his Shrouded. Unfortunately, my Zondnautica is watching the approach, so he lands a Rasyat out of 8″ of the TAG but within 8″ of the Zondnautica, so I dodge to face him.

His first order sees him land two hits and me land a chain rifle, but everyone passes ARM. The second order, we trade. The Szalamandra turns around and dodges into view, but it’s too late to the party.

No matter, the Shrouded is now unpinned and grabs the Civilian, absconding to Erik’s Dead Zone. It has to get past Fiddler, but she dodges its combi rifle fire easily.

Bottom of 3 – Tunguska

Okay. I gotta take out the Speculo, get Fiddler and her Civilian to my deployment zone, and try to get another Civilian. I could use the link to do this, and they’re even in the right position to do so, but I brought the Szalamandra, I want to use it! It’s not even a huge mistake to do so, so I commit. It crashes through the nearest fence and marches towards the Shrouded, grabbing a Civilian of its own on the way.

Thanks to Saturation and Low Vis, the Shrouded dodges the HRMC shots to safety, but I get the Szalamandra all the way to Erik’s back table edge and delete the Speculo.

This leaves me the Warcor’s order and one more, which gives me plenty of movement to get Fiddler and her Civilian back to my DZ safely.

I’ve got two Civilians, one in my DZ, and a classified. Erik’s got one Civilian in his Dead Zone, making it a

6-3 Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor Victory!

Post Game Analysis

Erik had a great first turn, but his second turn was a bit unfocused. I think pushing Sheskiin all the way to try and engage the Grezner and then retreating when he realized how dangerous the Grenzer MSR was ended up being very costly in momentum. I think he recovered well, but it wasn’t enough. We also had a long discussion post game about the Rasyat play. I think there was a better spot to bring it in, probably on the right table edge behind some trees. He can still engage the Zondnautica, but this time out of chain rifle range, or he can throw smoke to support the Shrouded. Then he can put the Rasyat in suppression and delay my attack in turn 3.

I think Erik wasn’t anticipating the raw efficiency of Fiddler invalidating all his deployables. He was relying on Aida’s viral mines to protect his Civilians, when I think he needed to combine that with Le Muet. It’s really tempting to put Le Muet all the way up on a tower, but that exposes him to too much firepower and also limits his mobility pretty severely. Using Le Muet to attack was great, but defending the approach in a way that makes it hard for me to attack him with the Grezner is probably better. Fiddler is very good, but she needs to hit that all important 16″ rangeband to get both her and her Jackbots in range to be effective. She cannot challenge Le Muet outside of 16″.

I think deploying the Speculo might have been actually fine, and instead hold Le Muet in reserve. That actually forces me to respond to the Speculo in my deployment and leave things out for Le Muet to shoot. It delays the Speculo’s run home to Turn 2, probably, and then Turn 1 can be spent attacking my limited order pool with Sheskiin and Le Muet. I think this is a pretty subtle change. Really the only major problem post-deployment was the loss of momentum in Turn 2. Doing the Rasyat play on Turn 2 was probably better, then Sheskiin can go on a suicide run to disrupt me on Turn 3.

Very tough game for both of us. I had to really extend my link forward, which was very uncomfortable for me, but it paid off. Erik did a great job playing to the mission as well. Thanks for reading!


I primarily play Infinity and Heavy Gear nowadays, but I dabble in plenty of other game systems.

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