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I’ve been building models for a very, very, long time. The first model I remember building was an SR71 Blackbird snapkit with decals back in 1988, followed shortly after by an X-Wing, and well it all went a bit bonkers after that.

I’m an avid boardgamer, miniature gamer, and gentleman adventurer. If I’m not playing games or painting models, I’m tromping about the Amazon or hiking the Andes.

I’ve worked in the industry a bit and hope to use a blog to better organize my model building and gaming whimsy.


I enjoy long walks on the beach and–


I’ve been an avid gamer for quite some time now, first in the digital realm and now in the realm of cardboard, resin, metal, and plastic.

I own (but haven’t played in a long time) some Tau and Khador.

My current obsession is Infinity.  I hope to eventually push some dastardly Prussians around on an ocean board in Dystopian Wars, though.

I generally enjoy painting a little more than I do playing, but Infinity has seemed to reverse that trend such that they’re about equal.

That’s it.  Not much else to see here.

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