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September Contender Tournament Report

Adam’s out of town so I’m running this one. If you’re ever in the greater Portland, OR area on the first Saturday of the month, head down to Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare! We’re playing on the second Saturday this time due to Labor Day, but it’s usually on the first Saturday.

We had an odd number of players, which let me sit this one out and get some work done as well as save some brain cells after a grueling week at work. We had some folks come from several hours away, braving the traffic to get across the I-5 bridge between Washington and Oregon.  A big thanks to Tony Fern, who had to travel the farthest to get to the tournament for taking the time and spending the gas, and to Than, Andrew, and Isaac for bringing tables. Sadly, Tony had also brought a table but we had already set up 4 tables… next time! Here are the tables:

Table A Strompost Alpha zagdag (Than)
Table B Top Down Terrain SimpleKnight (Andrew)
Table C Scratch Built! zagdag (Than)
Table D Spartan Scenics xammy (Isaac)

Round 1 – Firefight

Table A – Zhukov2 versus Gremlin King

Forces: USARF (Zhukov 2) versus Tohaa (Gremlin King)


  • SymbioBomb eats an entire fireteam’s worth of shooting as it walks by, eliciting a shout of “POKEMON ARE STUPID!”
  • Saturation/Low-Vis trees and Forward Deployed Marauder link let Zhukov2 clean house.

Result: USARF Major Victory!

Zhukov2 8 239
Gremlin King 0 12

Table B – George versus White_Lang

Forces: Hassassin Bahram (George) versus White_Lang (Acontecimento)


  • 5 Akali land on bottom of 1, only one dies to a Mutt that grabbed a combi from the Panoply
  • Mutts cause a bunch of problems, but what else is new.

Result: Acontecimento Major Victory!

George 0 15
White_Lang 8 193

Table C – SimpleKnight versus xammy

Forces: Onyx (SimpleKnight) versus NCA (xammy)


  • Rodoks spend a whole turn HMGing down a Fusilier ML…
  • only to have it picked back up by a Trauma Doc! Since when do PanO doctors do stuff?
  • Went to time, game ended with last order of Turn 2.

Result: NCA Major Victory!

SimpleKnight 0 144
xammy 7 219

Table D – zagdag versus Wolfhammer1975

Forces: Tohaa (zagdag) versus Hassassin Bahram (Wolfhammer1975)


  • 7 orders spent on a Gar Tarsos HMG in good rangebands, trying to kill a smart missile bot, only to die to the smart missile bot on the last order.
  • 5 orders spent on trying to flamethrower an entire Muyib link, only to have 25 passed dodge rolls.

 Result: Hassassin Bahram Major Victory!

  • zagdag: 1 OP, 0 VP
  • Wolfhammer1975: 10 OP, 262 VP
zagdag 1 0
Wolfhammer1975 10 262

Round 2 – Unmasking

Here are the standings moving into Round 2!

Standing Player Faction
1 Wolfhammer1975 Hassassin Bahram 3 10 262
2 Zhukov2 USARF 3 8 239
3 White_Lang Acontecimento 3 8 193
4 xammy NCA 3 7 219
5 zagdag Tohaa 0 1 0
6 SimpleKnight Onyx 0 0 144
7 George Hassassin Bahram 0 0 15
8 Gremlin King Tohaa 0 0 12

Table A – White_Lang versus xammy

Forces: Acontecimento (White_Lang) versus NCA (xammy)


  • NCA got thrown into the meat grinder
  • Acontecimento locked down the whole board with two Regular Sapper Snipers
  • Acontecimento closed out all the objectives in the late game.

 Result: Acontecimento Major Victory!

White_Lang 10 240
xammy 0 94

Table B – zagdag versus SimpleKnight

Forces: Tohaa (zagdag) versus Onyx (SimpleKnight)


  • Kerr Nau fends off death for 10 orders. zagdag’s dice are murderous, sadly to him!
  • Tohaa ARO pieces needed to get off the roof, so a coordinated order jump happened!
  • Umbra Samaritan grabbed all the objectives (and all the extra wounds) then went down to a Makaul Triad blender.
  • Voronin (HVT) taking a nap in the park

 Result: Onyx Major Victory!

  • zagdag: 0 OP, 0 VP
  • SimpleKnight: 8 VP, 168 VP
zagdag 0 0
SimpleKnight 8 168

Table C – Wolfhammer1975 versus Zhukov2

Forces: Hassassin Bahram (Wolfhammer1975) versus USARF (Zhukov2)


  • After apologizing, Zhukov2 attempts to land 7 infiltrating grunts!
  • 2 land, one covering a Muyib link. Wolfhammer1975 is forced to respond by counter-deploying the grunt with a Fiday, dramatically changing the game.
  • Fiday clears the grunt, but the Muyibs take 7 orders to Spitfire down a key USARF link member armed with a AP Rifle.
  • Zhukov2 sneaks in a 112 to push all the buttons, even negating a missile hit by standing next to a un-revealed HVT!

 Result: USARF Minor Victory!

Wolfhammer1975 1 36
Zhukov2 5 155

Table D – George versus Gremlin King

Forces: Hassassin Bahram (George) versus Tohaa (Gremlin King)


  • Lots of Holoprojector L2 on both sides
  • Careful, methodical game with lots of surprise shot and re-entering marker state.
  • Attrition won out on George’s side!

 Result: Hassassin Bahram Major Victory!

George 8 198
Gremlin King 0 0

Round 3 – Acquisition

Here are the standings moving into Round 3!

Standing Player Faction
1 White_Lang Acontecimento 6 18 433
2 Zhukov2 USARF 5 13 394
3 Wolfhammer1975 Hassassin Bahram 3 11 298
4 SimpleKnight Onyx 3 8 312
5 George Hassassin Bahram 3 8 213
6 xammy NCA 3 7 313
7 zagdag Tohaa 0 1 0
8 Gremlin King Tohaa 0 0 12

Table A – zagdag versus Gremlin King

Forces: Tohaa (zagdag) versus Tohaa (Gremlin King)


  • Game comes down to a Clipsos revealing on the last order of the game to deny zagdag control of the Tech Coffin, in smoke, with a hostile SymbioBomb nearby. In order to reveal, the Clipsos has to declare a skill that will reveal it, so the decision is made to CC a nearby unit to get the -6 from surprise attack, but zagdag rolls a crit in CC.

 Result: Tohaa (zagdag) Major Victory!

zagdag 8 227
Gremlin King 2 84

Table B – White_Lang versus Zhukov2

Forces: Acontecimento (White_Lang) versus USARF (Zhukov2)


  • Guarda de Assaulto was out of position, and once that lynchpin was gone Acontecimento couldn’t recover.


White_Lang 1 122
Zhukov2 3 122

Table C – George versus xammy

Forces: Hassassin Bahram (George) versus NCA (xammy)


  • NCA did what NCA does best. Shooting.


George 0 39
xammy 4 277

Table D – Wolfhammer1975 versus SimpleKnight

Forces: Hassassin Bahram (Wolfhammer1975) versus Onyx (SimpleKnight)


  • Noctifer ML took out 4 Muyibs in reactive. Spitfire shot back, hoping to get rid of it, but the link disappeared.
  • Onyx made 20 dodge rolls against 5 chain rifle shots!

 Result: Onyx Major Victory!

Wolfhammer1975 0 0
SimpleKnight 7 266

Final Results

Standing Player TP Faction
1 Zhukov2 7 USARF 16 516
2 White_Lang 6 Acontecimento 19 555
3 SimpleKnight 6 Onyx 15 578
4 xammy 5 NCA 11 590
5 Wolfhammer1975 3 Hassassin Bahram 11 298
6 zagdag 3 Tohaa 9 227
7 George 3 Hassassin Bahram 8 252
8 Gremlin King 0 Tohaa 2 96

A big congratulations to Tony (Zhukov2) on taking home a win! Seems fitting, since he drove the farthest, might as well go home with the champion’s belt, so to speak.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!


I primarily play Infinity and Heavy Gear nowadays, but I dabble in plenty of other game systems.

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